Charming the Professor

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The Charm Gates have stood at The Court of Two Sisters for more than a century with no one guessing the secret they hold. Thanks to a jealous vindictive queen and a blackmailed alchemist, French “charm teacher” Madeline Charlebois’s essence is encased inside, until a grieving professor touches the gates during a storm and Madeline tumbles out, not in her own 19th century Spain, but in 21st century New Orleans…


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    Welcome Readers!

    Hi All –

    Exciting news.  I’ve released two short stories that are available now on Amazon and B&N. 

    Moors Tear 1600x2400The Moor’s Tear – is the prequel to my new time-travel, CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.  It’s the fictional story of a necklace worn by Queen Isabella the first that was distinguished by a large tear shaped ruby known as the Moor’s Tear.  Queen Isabella sold the necklace to finance Christopher Columbus and his voyage to discover America.  A

    fter it was sold, it disappeared from the record books.  My short story tells of its recovery and introduces the reader to the nature of Queen Isabella II who plays a principle role in CHARMING THE PROFESSOR

    It’s not necessary to read the story to enjoy the time-travel, but it does enrich the story a bit.  Plus the short story contains an excerpt to CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.

    Scotland Christmas ReunionScotland Christmas Reunion – Yes, I am still writing books for the Rake Patrol series.  I thought this short story might help bridge the wait for the next book (I’m calling it TO BAIT A RAKE), as well as provide a smile for the holidays.  You might recall the Whisky Laird’s mother, Edith MacPherson, is a widow.  She’s been staying at the castle in Scotland, but she knows it’s time for her to leave so Claire may take over as mistress of the castle. 

    It’s already December, so she decides to stay for the holidays, than return to London after the celebration of the New Year, known in Scotland as Hogmanay.  But Christmas in Scotland is not as festive as it is in London.  Edith is feeling morose, lonely, and homesick when a stranger shows up at the castle door – who might not be so strange, after all.  I hope this one gives you some information about the unique Scottish celebration and leaves you with a smile for the holidays.  As an added treat, the short story contains an excerpt from TO BAIT A RAKE.  Give it a try.

    Don’t forget I’m doing a drawing on the 15th of every month for a book from my to-be-read pile.  To be eligible for the drawing, you must sign up for my newsletter – but you get a free short story when you do.  See you in December



    Available Now!

    Earlier this year, I released another short story just to see if I could J.  This one, SMOKE AND MIRRORS, is actually a story I wrote a good ten years ago.  It was published in the DreamQuest Anthology, a collection of paranormal short stories.  This one is contemporary, but as my first publishing credit, it’s earned a place in my heart.  You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I should have it up on iBooks shortly.

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    boundbymoonlightstandard[1]Newest Release and Upcoming! 

    The paperback version of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT will be available soon!

    You can find it on Amazon, though I’ll have it available on other sites soon. 

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