The Whisky Laird’s Bed


Lady of temperance, laird of temptation…

Claire Starke has no illusions about her future. As her father repeatedly reminded her, her looks would never win a husband, and her poverty makes her an even less suitable wife. Luckily, her comrades at the Rake Patrol have given her joy and comfort—enough to quell the dull ache for a family of her own. So, when fellow member Faith runs off to the Highlands, investigating a whisky distiller advertising for an English wife, Claire sees no choice but to save her friend from this intemperate and lustful man. But she didn’t expect the Highland laird to be so intriguing, or to begin questioning her own restraint…


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    Welcome Readers!

    Happy Holidays!


    Don’t you just love this time of year? I do. Here’s a secret, I keep my mother’s Christmas plates and my needlepoint “Believe” Santa Claus up all year round so every day has a little magic of Christmas! Here are some pictures. My cupboard is pretty cluttered (which is why I write Victorians, I guess) so here’s a picture of my favorite plate of the 12 day series, and the needlepoint.IMG_1245_2 IMG_1246


    In connection with the holiday season, I’ve joined a number of other authors in a holiday anthology called Tiny Treats. It’s a FREE download. All the stories are super short, which is perfect for the holidays. My story is contemporary, “White Pizza Christmas.” Hope you give it a try.


    In other news, Bound by Moonlight, should be available in print form before Christmas! Yay! You may recall that this is the book that won Romantic Times Magazine’s award for Historical Love and Laughter. It’s a reissue of The Trouble with Moonlight, but now that I’ve got the rights back, I can do sequels! I’m starting on the sequel now, Bound by Touch, so check back for release info. (insert photo).


    The Whisky Laird’s Bed released in digital form in July of this year. I’ve had no updates from Berkley Intermix on when and if they will release this in print. It’s a great story (you can see more details above). Be sure to watch the trailer. Circle of Seven did a great job. You may even be inclined to read it with a glass of scotch nearby J. (insert trailer) This, you may recall, is book 2 in the Rake Patrol series. There are at least two more books to come in this series. I won’t publish them through Berkley without a guaranteed of a print book so I most likely will publish them myself and make a print book available. So stay tuned for more coming in this series.


    I hope to have some news shortly of another release (and another series). Wouldn’t that be a great way to start the New Year? Watch this page and my Facebook page for details when they are available.


    Please remember that the best way to show your appreciation for a book you enjoyed is to tell a friend and write a brief but honest review. Many opportunities and programs open to an author are dependent on the number of reviews they’ve received – both good and maybe not so good J reviews count. For those that have already reviewed my books, please accept my thanks and sincere gratitude.


    I’ve been traveling quite a bit these last few months. If I’ve met you along the way, in New Jersey or Maryland, in Jacksonville or New York City, I want to thank you for sharing your passion for reading and writing romance with me. I hope you and all my readers have a wonderful holiday season. As Tiny Tim would say:


    God Bless Us Every One!


    See you in the New Year –




    Barbara Vey

    New York City