Bound by Moonlight (Re-release)

RT Critic’s Choice Award Winner 2008 for Historical Love and Laughter

Aspen Gold 2009 for Best Paranormal

A re-release of “The Trouble with Moonlight” originally published in 2008.

A woman of extraordinary talents…

Lusinda Havershaw turns invisible in moonlight, just her – not her clothes.  She can’t help it, it just happens. A descendent of a rare race, her ancestors have been burned as witches, persecuted and tormented as the devil’s children. She must be careful to avoid detection. However as her family has no other means of support, she must reluctantly shed her petticoats and corset during a full moon to prow the gaslit streets of London, stark naked, as a thief.

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The forsythia is blooming which means winter is pretty much over. It’s about time!

It’s October – and you know what that means…Halloween!  What better way to prepare for the holiday than some fun paranormal romance. My editor felt Bound by Moonlight (above) is more historical romance than paranormal as it’s set in our normal world – or normal for 1877.  Must say, I love this story with its invisible heroine.  Romantic Times loved it as well as they gave it the Critic’s Choice Award for Historical Love and Laughter.

For a contemporary version, try the novella Blame the Moonlight which features a descendant of my heroine above.  Don’t forget you can sign up for my newsletter and get the novella for free!  Here’s the blurb for Blame the Moonlight:

Movie makeup artist, Chelsea Davenport, turns invisible in moonlight.  She can’t help it, she just fades to nothing. A recent Hollywood “ghost” sighting spooks her into joining a movie crew bound for Massachusetts. Rather than escaping her problems, she lands in a cauldron of new ones, triggered by a full moon and a chance encounter with her old high school boyfriend who is now a (gasp!) reporter. She needs a safe harbor but can she trust the sanctuary he promises?

Brandon Parker needs a big story to break him out of the doghouse with his news editor. The discovery of a never forgotten girlfriend with amazing abilities could be the answer to his prayers and a probable promotion. Will he rekindle that high school flame or will Chelsea become front page news…