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2015 news:

It’s been a busy, busy year!  Let me catch you up (as I’ve been remiss about updates).

IMG_0978CHARMING THE PROFESSOR will be released later this year.  It’s a time travel whereby a woman from the 1850s suddenly finds herself in current day New Orleans.  She’s truly a fish out of water.  Here’s a blurb:

The Charm Gates have stood at The Court of Two Sisters for more than a century with no one guessing the secret they hold. Thanks to a jealous vindictive queen and a blackmailed alchemist, French “charm teacher” Madeline Charlebois’s essence is encased inside, until a grieving professor touches the gates during a storm and Madeline tumbles out, not in her own 19th century Spain, but in 21st century New Orleans.

IMG_0980Quantum physics Professor Grant Stewart has mourned his wife’s death for the last three years.  But he must move on for his young daughter’s sake, the child who delights in terrorizing babysitters.  Grant needs adequate childcare to pursue tenure at Tulane.  What he doesn’t need is a French beauty believing nonsense like time-travel and voodoo, and whose very being is melting his heart.

Maddie may be without resources but she’s good at making new friends, even if they are on the quirky side. She believes Professor Stewart can return her home, but first she must earn his trust to win his cooperation.  Babysitting his daughter gives her both proximity, and love for the child. Will Grant be the key to returning to her time? Or will she, in turn, unlock his frozen heart? All they need is time and a little magic…

 Mardi Gras Donna

However, about a month before the release of CHARMING THE PROFESSOR, watch for a short story called More Precious Than Rubies that will introduce Madeline Charlebois and the famed ruby necklace that causes all sorts of havoc in Charming the Professor.


Check the pictures of The Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans and me in proper Mardi Gras attire J.



Available Now!

Earlier this year, I released another short story just to see if I could J.  This one, SMOKE AND MIRRORS, is actually a story I wrote a good ten years ago.  It was published in the DreamQuest Anthology, a collection of paranormal short stories.  This one is contemporary, but as my first publishing credit, it’s earned a place in my heart.  You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I should have it up on iBooks shortly.

BUY NOW: Amazon ~ B & N


boundbymoonlightstandard[1]Newest Release and Upcoming! 

The paperback version of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT is now available. 

You can find it on Amazon, though I’ll have it available on other sites soon. 

 BUY NOW: Amazon ~ B & N



Now that I know I can do it J, I’m publishing a Christmas short story later this year (still waiting on the cover).  The Whisky Widow’s Christmas is an offshoot of the Rake Patrol series.  This time, we’ll be following the British mother of Cameron MacPherson, the whisky laird from THE WHISKY LAIRD’S BED, as she rediscovers love – just in time for the holidays.


Finally, just for fun, I’m putting a vignette I wrote as part of a promotion for the Australian chef, Dan Churchill, on the website.  I imagined Dan, who is young and extremely good looking, popping into a real life Downton Abbey, trying to make a meal without the more modern ingredients he uses in real life.  You can find the vignette under the Extras tab.


We have an active autumn before us!  Hope you stay with me as it unfolds.



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