Midsummer Mischief at Caynham Castle

Five new stories by five authors to welcome summer!

Enjoy five holiday romance novellas set in or near Caynham Castle, an ancient English castle that’s now a boutique hotel.

Mischief and Meringue by Jeanne Adams

Bakery owner Bram Osterman is has come to Caynham-On-Ledwyche to learn to infuse magic into his baked goods. He and Pippa Lund, another baker strike sparks of attraction off one another, but where can a vacation romance go? Midsummer mischief is afoot however, and Bram and Pippa are mixed up in it. The Greater Fae covet their sweets––and the bakers who made them. Can Bram and Pippa escape the clutches of the faerie realm? Or will one meringue too many seal their fate?

Summertime Blues by Caren Crane

Sophia Hughes created the life she wanted as a website designer with a cottage in her hometown of Caynham-on-Ledwyche. But friends from university all lived in and around London and Caynham felt a bit lonely. Then she met Carl Olsson, a visitor to the Caynham Castle Hotel, at the local pub. Carl realizes he wants to change his life. Not for Sophia, though his feelings for her are undeniable, but for himself. Midsummer magic and the rolling Shropshire hills make anything seem possible.

The Play’s the Thing by Donna MacMeans

Two mischievous fairies and a love potion cause havoc for an outdoor production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The centuries old spell produces possible career-ending consequences for a rising star. Can an antidote to the spell be found in time, or will mortal true love triumph?

Green Man Blues by Gail Z. Martin

Green Man Blues—Cassidy Kincaide and her boyfriend Kell Winston go on vacation to Caynham Castle, where they're looking forward to sightseeing, enjoying the Midsummer festival, and relaxing in the English countryside. When the theft of a magical heirloom endangers a centuries-old pact with the Fae, Cassidy and Kell must intervene to restore the castle's defenses and keep a dark entity from entering this world.

A Perfect Midsummer Dream by Anna Sugden

Midsummer mischief and mayhem!

When star NJ Ice Cats forward, Juergen Ingemar, finds the sexiest woman he’s ever met at Caynham Castle, he feels like he’s won the Cup. But is faerie-tales’ author, Daisy Malden, as lovely as she seems or the kind of fame-hungry publicity shark he’s sworn off? With a blast from the past, a vengeful ex-wife and a dash of faerie mischief stirring things up, can these two score a happy-ever-after and make their perfect midsummer dreams come true?