Caynham Castle

Map of Caynham Castle as it stood in 1891 (not drawn to scale).

Record Keeping for Writers

KEEP GOOD RECORDS (and how to do that) Let’s talk Record Keeping.  (I can hear the groans from here J) Actually, record keeping is very, very necessary and not very

Taxes and Writers – The Basics

Before we begin, allow me to issue this standard disclaimer.  I am a licensed certified public accountant in Ohio.  While I can speak with some authority on federal tax rules

For Writers: Rooting Interests

1)  We care about characters we feel sorry for (empathy) 2) We like characters with humanistic traits 3)  We like to admire the character   Most importantly, we like someone

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Treasure in the Attic

Madeline grinned at the effortless bond of a six year old and her new puppy frolicking in the attic.  Some things even the ripples of time could never change. Together,

Dan Churchill meets Downton Abbey

“Excuse me, mum, but Mrs. Patmore, ye’d best come quick!”  Daisy, the kitchen scullery maid, burst into Mrs. Hughes sitting room.    “Mrs. Hughes and I had just settled down

Trailer for Whisky Laird

  While I was in New Orleans, I saw the book trailer Sheila Clover English of the Circle of Seven Production Group made for The Whisky Laird’s Bed which has

Drunken Bourbon Balls

Ingredients: Box of vanilla wafers 1 cup of semisweet chocolate chips 3 tablespoons corn syrup Bottle of bourbon or rum (okay, so you won’t use a full bottle – but

Redeeming the Rogue Deleted Scene #1

Set-up:  Michael Rafferty has kidnapped Lady Arianne as he knows she’d be the perfect person to teach him what he needs to know to impersonate a diplomat.  He’s locked her



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