The Seduction of the Duke (Re-release)

When William Chambers, the Duke of Bedford, inherited his title, he also inherited a crumbling-down-around-him ancestral home along with his father’s gambling debts. The only way to avoid scandal and ruin is to marry money. He heads to Newport Beach, Rhode Island, where rich Americans maintain summer cottages, to marry—sight unseen—a reclusive American heiress nicknamed Frosty Franny.
Francesca Winthrop is determined to marry for love, but her nouveau riche, social climbing mother wants a noble title in the family to advance her own standing. Everything has been arranged but the marriage contract has one small loophole: all Fran’s children are to be educated in America. To return to her beloved country, all she has to do is become pregnant by her new husband, the sooner the better.  Good thing she gets a little help from a courtesan’s secret journal….