Scotland Christmas Reunion

A sweet Christmas short story set in the Scottish highlands in 1891. Scotland Christmas Reunionfeatures Cameron MacPherson’s English mother, Edith (from The Whisky Laird’s Bed), who is feeling melancholy now that Cameron’s new wife has taken over management of the castle.

To aid insult to injury, the new Lady MacPherson celebrates Christmas substantially differently than when Edith held the title. A stranger from the past changes her outlook on everything.



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Welcome 2019!

We’re about to start a new year.  Are you ready?  Last year was great.  I certainly enjoyed hearing that Bound By Moonlight was being considered in Hollywood for the small screen. I’m not really hopeful as I’ve heard Hollywood isn’t interested in historicals – the costuming is too expensive.  But it’s cool to think one of my books is being considered and the whole experience as given me an idea for a streaming series in Hollywood.  If it doesn’t work there, well, then I have a great idea for a contemporary series.  We’ll have to see how it goes J.

 I’m working on finishing How To Bait a Dangerous Rake, which will be Book 4 in the Rake Patrol series.  2019 should bring the start to the sequel to Charming the ProfessorCharming the Thief. I’m planning for that story to further the story about The Moor’s Tear necklace.  The hero and heroine both want it for cross-purposes. This should be fun with lots of action.  I also believe there’s a Christmas anthology in the works for 2019.  This is the one that a poll of my readers suggested should be connected to the Chambers Trilogy.  Watch for a new novella late in the year.  Cross your fingers for me.  This should be a fun and exciting year.  I hope you come along for the ride by joining my mailing list on the right.  You will receive a free story for the effort.  Lots of fun things are planned.